1900 Arch Project Checks in to Center City Apartment Boom

Over the next few years we can expect to see over 700 new apartments in the Logan Square and Center City West neighborhoods.  A construction boom that is long over due, with all the vacant lots on this side of town the neighborhoods can use a boost to foot traffic.  We hope to see also an increase of commercial retail and restaurants in this area. An additional 700 to 1000 residents will surely need an additional grocery store, restaurants, and hopefully a new retail district, if the ACC building ever gets off the ground.  Even without the Liberty Property Trust development, this neighborhood has a lot of potential.

As reported about a month ago the fourteen story, mixed use building designed by Varenhorst Architects, will have 236 apartments, a restaurant, additional commercial and retail space, 131 underground parking spaces, and 79 bicycle parking spaces.  the building is certainly ready for the eco-friendly city dweller, two blocks from major public transit, a grocery store, retail and entertainment.

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