Transit Oriented Development in East Kensington and Washington Ave.

Next year the Philadelphia City Planning Commission will study the future of transportation along major corridors in two changing neighborhoods.  Two Transportation and Community Development Initiative grants awarded to the PCPC by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission will fund a look at South Philadelphia's Washington Avenue and an exploration of the areas around three stops of the Market-Frankford El in East Kensington.

The Eastern portion of Washington Avenue is home to many large-scale businesses with big parking lots including several busy Asian grocery stores and restaurants.  Due to development pressure for the western portion to put retail and commercial strip developments, the planning commission want to see if there are better solutions.  Following reviews with various business groups and city organizations, recommendations might include adding additional public transportation.

The results of the study will help inform the district-level comprehensive plan for Center City.  The district-level plans are part of the city's master planning process.  The city-wide plan is already in place, and more detailed looks at groups of similar neighborhoods will complete the plan.

Transit-oriented development is development within walking distance of public transportation, so that people who live, work or shop there are mostly coming and going without cars.

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