Philadelphia Mormon Temple

I reported last year that the Church of Latter Day Saints had plans of building a Temple in Philadelphia.  Full scale construction of the temple is expected to begin in the spring of 2012 with completion in 2014.  Final plans for the building have yet to be presented to the City for construction approval and building permits.

Back in January of 2010, Church officials met with top administration officials of Philadelphia to review preliminary plans for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple.  Darrell Clarke, councilman for the 5th district, referred to the plans as magnificent.  "I think it's important for the city of Philadelphia to have such a facility in the city, as opposed to the suburbs.  I think the long-term benefits of bringing that many people – upwards of 400,000 visits per year to the city – is very significant."

The future influx of weekly visitors to the Logan square neighborhood should be greatly welcomed, and could only mean positive outcomes for upcoming residential and commercial developments in the neighborhood.  Between Market and Arch Streets, a number of restaurant location should be available over the next 3 years.  The church could serve as a strong anchor to lure future residents and members of the Faith to relocate to the center city neighborhood.

The Church has indicated that the Temple will serve members from eight stakes in Pennsylvania, New jersey, and Delaware.  These stakes are presumably the cherry Hill Stake, Harrisburg Stake, Philadelphia Stake, Reading Stake, Scranton Stake, Valley Forge Stake, Williamsport Stake, and wilmington Stake.


  1. To bad they had to build this discusting building in Philadelphia. We don't need any more of this cults moving in to out city.

    1. ok religion hater.... geez im not a mormon but i at least have respect....

  2. I count five typos in Armando's two-sentence comment, and even more logical and factual errors.