2040 Market Gets New Lease on Life

The former AAA mid-Atlantic headquarters is finally getting second chance, and staking a place in the 21st Century. Ushering in new life to the often barren West Market Street, 8 additional floors will be added to the original 2040 Market building, bringing it to 13 floors.  Two additional 13 story wings will be added to the back of the building, along Ludlow Street.

Designed by Steven Varenhorst Architects, the building will have 275 high-end rental apartments, 32 of which will be two bedroom apartments, at the request of Center City Residents Association, increasing the size of the building from 120,000 square feet to 300,000 square feet.  The facade of the original building will be clad with panels that will create bunches of windows, rather than the seamless ribbon of windows it currently has.  All parking will be underground, some of it within the existing building and some under the new additions.  There will be two entrances to the parking, one on Ludlow and the other unfortunately on Market.

The retail in the building will be on the corners, replacing the existing wall with a series of bay windows and alcoves on 21st and Market Streets.  There will be at least one large restaurant, making the alcoves perfect for outdoor dining.  The retail space could also suit a furniture store or car showroom.  There will also be a small courtyard on Ludlow Street.

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