U City Gets Two New Pedestrian Plazas

Making University city more walkable and pedestrian friendly is one of UCD's primary objectives.  recent projects like the parklets on Baltimore and Lancaster Avenues, and the creation of The Porch at 30th St. Station, have advanced this goal by putting people friendly amenities, like tables and chairs, in locations that used to be dedicated to automobiles.

In keeping with that recent trend, UCD was fortunate to receive two of the four citywide grants to create new "pedestrian plazas" in locations that currently have excess  capacity devoted to cars.  On of these sites is the dangerous intersection of Baltimore Ave., Florence Ave., and 48th St.  Curb bumpouts and other changes will reduce the current expanse of pavement, yielding a safer crossing for pedestrians, while also creating pleasant new spots to linger.  On Woodland Ave., a short street segment connecting to 42nd St. will be closed to vehicles, and an attractive new plaza will be created that encompasses the former street and the adjacent traffic triangle.  Interventions at both of these sites received strong support from their neighbors, and in the coming months, UCD and the city will be meeting with neighbors as plans are prepared to convert the excess asphalt to pleasant and safe oases for pedestrians.

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