Wistar Institute Expands in University City

The Wistar Institute broke ground back in late September on a major expansion project that will ensure its future at the forefront of cancer research and vaccine development.  The institution is building a seven story, 89,700-square-foot research tower, which will rise above its current landmark facility designed by architects George W. and William G. Hewitt at 36th and Spruce streets in 1894.  The project will enable Wistar to expand its research operations, recruit new scientific faculty and pursue collaborative biomedical research in emerging areas of science.

Five of the floors will house laboratories, designed to support team science, an approach that reflects the future of biomedical research.  The expansion project will enhance Wistar's outreach and visibility by creating a new public entrance to the Institute on Spruce Street.  in addition, plans call for a 200-seat auditorium for hosting scientific symposia and public events, a soaring glass atrium and inspiring public spaces throughout the building.

Scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014, the $100 million expansion project will support 380 construction jobs and is expected to create 100 new research and administrative jobs at Wistar in the future.

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