Transit Oriented Development at Broad & South

An 80 unit residential building with retail has been proposed for the north east corner of Broad and South by developer Carl Dranoff.  The building may also include restaurants, coffee shops, a grocery store or deli.  There will also be plenty of parking for bicycles, almost as much as there will be for cars.

Earlier this week, the philadelphia City Planning Commission voted to recommend that city council pass proposed legislation that would allow the project to include the commercial uses and have below-grade parking for accessory uses and reduce the space required for off-street loading.  Zoning Bill 110670 also reduces the number of parking spaces required to a project of this size to 3 for every 10 units.  Less parking is needed for this building because an entrance to the subway is just beneath a building signage marquee.  The building is set to have 30 vehicle parking spaces and 25 for bicycles.


  1. The project in general is great. But, does it strike anyone else as stupid to have most of the bulk on South rather than on Broad?

  2. Why are the newer renders UGLIER than the old ones?