Final Philadelphia Zoning Code Gets Passes by City Council

Last Wednesday marked the end of the Philadelphia Zoning Code Commission, with a final vote and passing of the final report.  After nearly half a decade of work and 50 meetings later, it all concludes with a final YES.

Plan Philly reports Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger praising the Commission for its years of work and the transparency of the process leading up to Wednesday's meeting.  He said the Commission was the most effective longstanding working group he had ever seen, and asked for volunteers to help create sign controls in months before the new code becomes effective. "You are experts on this code" Greenberger told Commissioners.  "Because of your level of expertise and detail, you are now ambassadors to the public at large on this code."

Greenberger recited some statistics on the zoning reform process given to him by ZCC director Eva Gladstein: 50 ZCC meetings, 62 work plan committee meetings, 25 civic engagement meetings, $2 million in City funds spent, and 3,400 community participants.

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