Point Breeze Performing Arts Center

The Current center located at 1717 Point Breeze Avenue, is raising funds to built a new $14 million state-of-the-art performance art training center and professional- quality theater on Point Breexe Avenue in South Philadelphia to bring the "transformative power" of the arts to a larger audience.

Located in the heart of South Philadelphia, The Point Breeze Performing Arts Center utilizes the arts as an Instrument to initiate social action that will cultivate talent and revitalize the community.  In an effort to meet the growing needs of the community it serves, PBPAC is constructing a new performing arts center. The project will be pivotal to the redevelopment plan for this neighborhood.

Designed by Blackney Hayes Architects, the project, currently in design phase and envisioned to be 42,000 square feet, will include a 250 seat theatre, dance instruction and practice studios, as well as classrooms for arts and crafts and video production.  PBPAC is projecting an addition to the building as a future expansion.  A restaurant, parking facility and student housing are included in future phases.

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