Tacony Waterfront May Get a New Science Charter School

The industrial and vacant parcels along the Tacony waterfront may soon welcome a new science based K-12 Charter School as their new neighbor.  Tacony Academy Charter is one step closer to its planned 130,000- square foot school for 1,075 students designed by KCBA Architects, at this weeks Philadelphia City Planning Comission Meeting, reported by PlannPhilly.com.  There, commissioners approved an amendment to the master plan for the 12.7 acre Waterfront Redevelopment District at Princeton, Milner and Delaware Avenue, allowing a school to be built within it.  The site however not on the waterfront, backs up on the boat and fish commission boat launch.  The amendment still needs approval of city council, which is on summer recess.

In addition to classrooms, the proposed school would have science labs, a gym, a cafeteria and library.  There would be athletic fields and green space on the outside.  There would be parking fmor 175 cars, and separate bus and car drop-off areas.  A portion of the building will showcase a green roof.  The school would serve children from the densely populated Tacony community.  Sponsors say the location close to the water allows all kinds of exploration opportunities for the students.  The green space would provide an excellent place to play for students from a congested neighborhood. Some commissioners feel that the school will pair well with the riverfront trail constructed by the Delaware River Corporation and others also feel that the school might trigger residential development near by.

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