UCity Parklets Take Over

We are all accustomed to the terms pier park, pocket park, pop up parks, but the latest park trends seems to be the "Parklet".  The parklet is Philadelphia's latest idea to create green space.  Unveiled thursday afternoon in West Philadelphia, the first installment on 43rd street across from Clark Park was a huge success, beautifying what was once a dreary parking lane into a diners oasis.  Perfect for neighborhood cafe patrons to enjoy the outdoors without crowding sidewalks.

The Parklet is a raised platform on the street, two car spaces wide with tables, chairs and a few planters.  The parks faired to be very cost effective, at only $10,000, paid for by the William Penn Foundation, it is comparatively cheap.  Two more will be built in the near future throughout University City.  The parklet will be taken down the end of October, but if proven successful, we shall see its return next year.

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