Parkside Avenue Mixed-Use Development

On Tuesday the Philadelphia Planning Commission approved expanding the Parkside-Lancaster Urban Renewal Plan, authorizing the acquisition of 54 properties near 52nd Street and Parkside Avenue. There, the Parkside Association of Philadelphia and Community Ventures, a non-profit developer of affordable housing, plan to build a mixed-use development with senior housing above and restaurant/retail space below, a small apartment building and a community garden on the east side of 52nd Street.

The Parkside Association is fighting for the execution of this project.  Many see this as another key opportunity to encourage continued growth in a neighborhood with so much potential, economic and developmental growth in education and health.  The development is seen as a future destination for Mann Center patrons to eat at restaurants that would be part of the mixed-use development planned for the 1700 block of 52nd Street.  Unfortunately work won't begin anytime soon.  City council must pass an ordinance that likely won't be introduced until fall, and it could take a year or more to locate the owners of abandoned properties. Construction probably will not happen for another 18 months to 2 years.

Parkside-Lancaster Area Redevelopment Plan

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