Convention Center Parking Garage

City Council passed a zoning ordinance allowing a parking garage to be built adjacent to the historic Arch Street United Methodist Church at Juniper and Arch Streets.  The 530 space parking garage will host 16,000 square-feet of retail space on its ground floor facing Arch Street, and sport a reflective, silvery cloth on its facade to conceal its function as a parking structure.

Early construction was help up by concerns presented by members and leaders of the church and the historic Masonic Temple, as well as residents of Center Square.  They were worried that vibrations from construction could damage the historic buildings and would block views and light from the windows.  After the February planning commission meeting, Arch street Methodist Pastor Robin Hynicka said Maloomian, of Realen Properties, offered to set aside a self-contained shaft in one corner of the garage that the church could use to house new mechanical systems and an elevator that would give more people access to the church.  The developer has also agreed to do vibration studies and repair any damage that occurred.  The upper floors of the garage will be set back from the street to protect the view, and artificial lights will illuminate stained glass windows that will be blocked.

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