RFQ for 8 Acre Park Connecting City to Penn's Landing

The city of Philadelphia searches for engineers and designers to plan a n eight-acre park that would connect Penn's Landing to Center City by fully covering I-95 and Columbus Boulevard between Walnut and Chestnut streets, continuing on a gradual slope down to the water.  A rendering from the Master Plan for the Central Delaware shows a large lawn spanning from Front Street to the water offering a destination for outdoor films and a place to view fireworks and concerts.

The study will also consider:

  • A large, mixed-use development in what is currently a Market street parking lot.  Additional space would be created by removing the Market Street scissor ramp structure.
  • The extension of the South Street pedestrian bridge to the southwest corner of the great water basin.
  • Mixed-use development, including residences and restaurant barges, in and around the basin.

Responses to the RFQ are due March 4, and the DRWC Board is expected to make a decision in April.  The engineering and design work will be done in two phases, with Phase I comprised mostly of engineering.  It will include structural plans for the I-95 Columbus boulevard cap, a circulation plan for transit, cars, bikes and pedestrians, and a conceptual design for the South Street pedestrian Bridge.  Phase I is to be completed toward the end of this summer, and once the board approves renderings and models for Phase II will be produced, which should be completed by early winter.

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