Penn Street Trail Construction

According to PlanPhilly, construction will begin next month on the Penn Street portion of the Central Delaware River trail.  The trail will stretch from the end of Spring Garden Street, along Delaware Avenue to Penn Street, through the SugarHouse Casino Parking lot connecting to the finished portion of the trail behind the casino, of which SugarHouse will take the responsibility of building according to the same standards and specs of the rest of the trail.

The trail includes separate paths for walkers and cyclists, separated by pavers, and protected from traffic by rain gardens and trees, grasses and shrubs.  Solar powered lamps will illuminate the pathway.  Also included in the park is a pocket park located in the triangle-shaped lot created where Penn street branches off of Delaware Avenue.

The project will be funded by a combination of grant money totaling $1.55 million from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the William Penn Foundation and city capital dollars.  DRWC is also seeking more grant money for the rain gardens, from the Philadelphia Water Department, freeing up funding for other projects.  Goals are set for a summer completion.


  1. Can anybody comment to say whether that's a good price for some paving, fencing, and plants?

  2. As a resident of Waterfront Square I would love some additional photo's of what it is supposed to look like. Before the contractor VE the project and leaves the street in shambles