Residences at the Lorraine

Owners Lorraine Land LLP contracted Cope Linder Architects to design a proposal for a residential mixed use development for the Divine Lorraine and surrounding properties.  The project has not yet received approval and there is no date set for construction.  I will say that this project would be a sure positive boost for the surrounding communities.

The program calls for 150 condos and restaurant in the restored Divine Hotel.  Mixed-use development of 450 one-bedroom and efficiency units, supermarket, health club, cafe, and 620 space parking garage all adjacent to a new pedestrian plaza.

Modeled after successful European urban redevelopment projects, the plans for the Residences  at the Lorraine bring an elegant solution to an area primed for growth and enrichment.  The rehabilitation of the Divine Lorraine Hotel is supported by a modern mixed-use development of housing, retail, parking and beautiful public spaces, including a lush roof garden.  Using multi-colored glass, metal and precast concrete, this urban infill project will bring life to a currently underutilized space.


  1. Get rid of that driveway, the parking garage, and then bring the whole thing closer to the street and then we'll talk.

  2. I think a fountain should be implemented. At the intersection of Broad, Fairmont, and Ridge a plaza is necessary for that stretch of neighborhood revitalization. A place what can seem so far from either river, a water feature would prosper. It would draw people outside to and around the bustling intersection. Obviously, the Divine is the keystone but such a keystone should have equally fantastic amenities to engage the public in fashion that can truly make a place far better then its current self.

    I also agree with "the whole car situation". This is a location that sit on top of what could be the next busiest subway station in the city. Transit oriented development only please.

  3. These renderings were completed in September 2006.

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