New Tower Development at 933 N. Penn St,

Developers plan to construct a twenty-story 215 foot tall residential building with parking on the first five floors, with 200 apartment units above at 933 N. Penn St. adjacent to Sugarhouse Casino and Waterfront Square.  There will also be 1500 SF of lower level retail.  The developer plans to use 17,000 SF of the lot and offer to donate the exiting pier 40 that is part of the site to the city.  The city however does not feel the pier will benefit the because it is not at the terminus of a major river- city connector street.  The pier would also cost $7 million to reconstruct and $3 million to demolish and leave the piles for marine life habitation.

The Delaware River Master Plan requires a maximum height limit of 100 feet for new construction.  This proposal more than doubles that amount.  The waterfront can currently absorb only about 100 new residences per year.  Keeping building heights below 100 feet spreads development out over the entire waterfront, says DRWC representative.


  1. How can a waterfront absorb residences? What does this actually mean?

  2. I believe what the DRWC is referring to is the amount of residents the current infrastructure of the waterfront can handle. Meaning, there will need to be major updates to the infrastructure to handle large amounts of people. I personally don't agree with height limits but I suppose they feel that if heights are kept at a minimum it may encourage those developers with intensions of building a large number of residential units to expand their investments to other properties along the waterfront.

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