Old Trenton Ave Police Station

Construction renovations continue over at the old Trenton Ave police station.  Most of the interior floors and walls have been replaced and almost all windows except those prone to vandalism have been replaced.  The project will likely see completion by late summer / fall of 2012.  The has always been a beautiful building with tons of character.  There was a for sale sign out front for years, it was only a matter of time before the right developer saw her potential.  The corner commercial retail space will likely go to a local Bank, giving the desolate corner some added daytime life.  Hopefully someone will buy out the horse stable across the street and turn the unique triangular lot into beautiful apartments, possible name "stable house" , "Barn Lofts", "Trenton Stables", or "the Horse Shoe".  Just a thought.  Someone Please Develop that site. Do those poor horses a favor and encourage the owners to move them to more sanitary and healthy quarters.

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