Mid-rise Development at foot of Ben Franklin Bridge

Finally after almost 10 years since the last proposal a new development is planned for the large vacant lot adjacent to the north side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.  Owners, Ensemble Real Estate previously proposed a development called Marina View Tower, which was going to be a high-rise.  It is now set to be a mid-rise, more than 120 feet tall, slightly shorter than the stone pier of the bridge at 11 stories.

While shorter than it previously was, the apartment building is higher than the 100-foot height limit called for in the draft of the Central Delaware Zoning Overlay.  Ensemble Real Estate has applied under the terms of the current zoning code, and so it needs no variances.

The proposed building would be a "giant L" along Delaware Avenue and Vine.  Parking would be behind the L, and not visible from Delaware Avenue.  Because the development is in a flood plain the builder has proposed a five-foot retaining wall, to help meet a zoning code requirement.

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