Tree Philly

Plant free trees on your property by way of the City of Philadelphia through a new tree giveaway program called TreePhilly.  A campaign led by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, the department was given a $75,000 check from Wells Fargo & Company, who is partnering in the program along with the Fairmount Conservancy.

Michael DiBerardinis, deputy mayor of environmental and community resources says, the program represents an effort to connect individual citizens to restoring the city's tree canopy.  DiBerardinis thinks it's the only way the city will accomplish the Mayor's ambitious goal of 300,000 new trees in the city.

Last Tuesday's presentation didn't explain much about how the initiative will work and how many trees will be available, but a brochure and a web site, TreePhilly.org, includes forms for residents to request yard trees.  Applicants must be Philadelphia property owners, and they must submit their form by March 31.  The free trees will be available for pick up at a series of "distribution events" scheduled for between April 22 and April 27, at locations yet to be determined.

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