Old West Philly High for Sale

If you love massive old gothic buildings then you need to check out the old West Philadelphia High School at 4700 Walnut Street.  The School District of Philadelphia has listed the 100 year-old, 250,000- square-foot building for $6.5 million.  The building is perfect for repurposing for a charter school, senior housing, condos, or ever office or studio space!  There are many other buildings at much affordable rates is this is too steep.  The sale prices are part of an addendum to the District's Request for Qualifications for prospective buyers for the 12 surplus properties it is hoping to dispose of as part of its facilities master plan.

Other Buildings for Sale:

$2.5 million: Ada lewis Middle School, 6199 Ardleigh Street

$1.35 million: Gillespie Middle School. 1801 W. Pike Street

$1.25 million: Childs Elementary School, 1541 S. 17th Street

$1.2 million: Education Services Building, 427 Monroe Avenue

$750,000: Alcorn School Annex, 1325-1349 S. 33rd Street

$450,000: Walton Elementary, 2601-2631 N. 28th Street

$360,000: Muhr Elementary School, 3150 Germantown Avenue

$350,000: Jones Annex (Maisland Building): 3250 Willard Street

$300,000: Beeber Wynfield School Annex, 1818 N. 53rd Street

$250,000: Willard Elementary, 2900 Emerald Street

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