Philly Housing Authority Sends 400+ Properties to Auction

Brace yourself Philly! We may be in for another residential building boom, North Philadelphia may never be the same.  On November 16, the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) will put more than 400 of its surplus vacant properties on the auction block, as reported by the Inquirer.

Max Spann will auction off the properties individually and in groups, and their website has a list of available properties.  These properties are located throughout the city, but most are located in Lower North Philadelphia, consisting of vacant lots, rowhomes or multi-unit housing.

The PHA decided to send these properties to auction simply because they were part of a large unused inventory, and they felt an auction was the best way to put these properties into the hands of those who can make productive use of the and return them to the city's tax rolls.

PHA owns more than 3,000 blighted properties, a third of which the US Department of Housing and Urban Development gave PHA clearance to sell earlier this year.  In addition to the auction, the Redevelopment Authority holds listings for about 1100 PHA surplus properties.

Happy Hunting Investors!!!

List of Available Properties

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  1. Whoa, had no idea there were so many. This should bode well for Philadelphia real estate sales! Phillyliving.com is another good site as well.