Penn Excels as a Green Space Pioneer in Philadelphia

Just a month after the completion of Penn Park, The University of Pennsylvania continues to expand the growth of green public space throughout its campus, further gaining West Philly more points in the race to greening Philadelphia.  Construction of Shoemaker Green is well underway , a 2.75-acre public commons that will link the campus with Penn park, and provide space for passive recreation, study and events.


The green is taking the place of the old Lott Tennis Courts, off of 33rd Street between the Palestra, Franklin Field, and the David Rittenhouse Labs.  The constuction of the new tennis facilities in Penn Park has freed up this space, allow for a more unified and synergetic open space.

Designed by Andropogon, the site has strong sustainability features: native plantings, fewer paved surfaces, means to collect and reuse stormwater, energy-efficient lighting, local building materials, and 95% of the existing materials will be recycled.  The site was also selected to be the pilot site for the Sustainable Sites Initiative.  Construction is expected to finish in Fall 2012.

Article Via Eyes on the Street

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