Is The Former Philadelphia Inquirer Site The Best Location For A Casino?

Philadelphia's Bart Blatstein believes his Casino Proposal, The Provence, is the best location and most transformative for Philadelphia. Consultant AKRF found that Blatstein's planned casino, hotel and entertainment complex would generate the most city and state tax revenue and bring in the most money through both gaming and non-gaming activity.  Blatstein even compares his project to resorts in Vegas.
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Alan Greenberger told PGCB that The Provence had the most potential if executed as proposed.

Blatstein said he will build the project in a single phase, as proposed: A Hotel in the towered, Broad Street portion of the former Inquirer Building; a second-story gaming floor in the former newsroom and in new construction stretching back to 16th Street; retail and restaurants fronting on Callowhill and a roof-top village with a swim club and entertainment and music venues.  An existing 820- car parking between 16th and 17th on Callowhill stays, but will be connected to the complex vie pedestrian bridge over 16th Street.

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