Procacci & PHL's Big Casino Plans

Joe Procacci has an enticing proposal for his Philadelphia Casino site, if he is granted the second gaming license.  Procacci's proposal includes a new entertainment district with restaurants, retail, sports facilities, zip-lines, a golf driving range, a dry ski/skateboarding park, water park, soccer fields, racquet sports facilities, an indoor swimming pool, rock climbing, and live music.

The Complex will be known as the LoSo Entertainment Center (short for Lower South).  it would sit adjacent to PHL Local Gaming's proposed Casino Revolution, on land that the Lower South District Comprehensive Plan identifies as the Food District area.  About 25 acres are currently owned by Procacci, with additional acreage now owned by the city.  The complex would be next to the casino, between the stadium Complex, public park land, and FDR Park Colf Club in the west, and the Delaware river in the east.

PHL Local spokesman Bruce Crawley, says there will be no loss of any existing jobs, at Procacci or other industrial tenants within the development footprint.  He says they will work with the city to have those jobs moved, businesses transferred, within the South Philadelphia community.  Developers believe the project would create a unique attraction that would appeal to local residents, as well as to visitors to the City of Philadelphia.  Visitors however would not have to actually enter the casino, itself, to participate in the Center's attractions.

The entertainment project is predicated on receiving the license because it would benefit from the casino and hotel, which Canfora said would "serve as a transformative catalyst for the overall Lower South District of the City of Philadelphia, enhancing economic impact and creating jobs and business opportunities.