Edgewater Proposes Second Phase Tower

The not too impressive Edgewater development along the Schuylkill banks, although appropriate in context and function, is proposing a much nicer but still ordinary addition to the Edgewater complex.  Realen Properties is proposing to construct the second phase of Edgewater, a multifamily complex at 23rd and Race streets.  The addition calls for a 22-story building on an existing surface parking lot at the ramp off 23rd Street.

The first phase completed in 2006 costing $70 million consisted of a 13-story apartment complex with 290 apartments that overlooks the Schuylkill River part of the project, which included 20 three-story townhouses, also rentals.

Realen has already met with Logan Square Neighborhood Association to work out the development plan, the community groups seems to be okay with the project.  The company is going through the zoning process and anticipates that it could be finished with that process by the end of the summer.

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