Bartram's Mile Trail

The Bartram's Mile project continues to push forward with beautiful new renderings released earlier this week by Parks and Recreation , Andropogon, John Bartram Association, Schuylkill River Development Corporation, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, and Penn Praxis.  The plans feature lush fields and trails suitable for various outdoor leisure and athletic activities, from biking, nature watching, fishing, running, and entertainment spaces.  The plans also show new connections to Grays Ferry Crescent and its continuation of the Schuylkill River Banks Trail project.  Best of all there are plenty of natural banks along the stretch, something quite rare along Philadelphia's rivers.

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  1. This is a nice plan but some cold hard facts need to be considered-- most pressing is the fact that the Bartram Village project is one of the single most violent places in the city and will be a constant threat to this nee park, especially on the trails that run adjacent.