Callowhill/Chinatown North Strategic Plan

The future strategic plan of the Callowhill/Chinatown North neighborhoods was adopted last Tuesday by the city planning commission.  The proposed plan will feature 21 new acres of parks and green space, an extension of Noble Street, and a mixture of commercial and industrial development with a dual residential usage.  optimal conditions for developers to offer live work units to people in the creative industries.

Land use and zoning recommendations are the focus of the strategic plan which covers the area between Vine Street Expressway and Spring Garden, 2nd and Broad.  This includes the neighborhoods of Poplar, Callowhill and Chinatown North, as well as the super-blocks bounded by Wood, Spring Garden, 9th and 2nd streets and a section of the Central Delaware waterfront.

 The study area will be included in the Central District Comprehensive Plan, which will eventually be part of the city's comprehensive plan, Phila2035.  The strategic plan recommends 70 acres , or 16 percent of the study-area, be rezoned as a mix industrial/residential district- a new zoning classification that allows for live-work spaces.  Planners also have sights on transforming the vacant Reading Viaduct into a linear park.  Smaller swaths of land near the viaduct are suggested for immediate park usage to serve as access point to the future elevated park.

Other changes include concentrating higher-density, multifamily residential development closer to commercial corridors to maintain a core of single family row-homes in neighborhoods like that of Poplar.  Bike lanes will be doubled within the study area, as well as an additional 1,600 new trees will be planted.

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Source: PlanPhilly

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