Spruce Street Plaza; Sprucing Up Spruce

Spruce Street Plaza, which began renovation back in July of a former parking lot, will soon stand as the green gateway to Penn's Medical campus, integrating and providing more accessibility to surrounding institutions.

The $2.5 million plaza designed by Matthews Nielsen Landscape Architects, will now sport plenty of seating for museum and hospital employees and visitors to relax and commune, new trees and shrubs all planted around a curving permeably paved path, surrounding a newly sodded lawn.


  1. Why did the new project have to include cutting down almost a dozen healthy trees? True the parking lot wasn't providing much in the way of public space, but it was lined with trees that could have stayed in place. Even just looking at the aerial photo in this post you can see that the parking lot was completely surrounded by beautiful trees. Seems like such a shame...

  2. You cannot enter this park from 34th Street or 33rd Street. Only from Spruce. It's actually fenced off. Idiotic.

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