Shareway 2030; Audi Urban Future Award Winner

Imagine a stream-lined transportation network throughout the North East linking major cities from Washington D.C. to Boston, a network where transportation, commerce and trade, communication, and inhabitation all flow through a continuous circuit.  This is exactly the sort of thing designers around the globe have been planning for years now.  Our cities are expanding at astronomical rates, along with evolutions in technology, demands on resources, and the speed of communication and accessibility. Urban expansion is not only happening in countries like China and India where you see new cities popping up every day.  It is happening right here in the Northeastern United States.

Cities and towns along the I-95 Corridor from Boston to Washington D.C. are growing to the point where they are beginning to overlap, sharing the burdens of a taxing developmental footprint and the demand on resources created by populations that inhabit them.  Boston-based Howler + Yoon Architecture has created an ambitious scheme: "a re-imagination of the highway as the 'Shareway' that unifies the I-95 corridor between Boston and Washington D.C. into a megaregion called 'Boswash'.

The central idea is for all modes of transport-commuter and freight trains, cars, bikes, and pedestrians- to "co-exist on a multi-level track designed to prevent traffic jams," writes Josh Rubin at Cool Hunting. To support the Shareway, the firm wants to create a "Superhub" in Newark that would contain an airport, seaport, rail station, and interstate intersection, along with parking and storage.  The firm's wide-ranging scheme also includes house-sharing programs and a proposal to convert vacant Baltimore land into agricultural fields.

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