Logan Parklet

The concept of the parklet is not very popular in Philadelphia, especially not in lower income neighborhoods outside of Center City like Logan.  A parklet is a small park created in former parallel parking spaces.  This week the Logan CDC and the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) proved that parklets can work in such neighborhoods.

Parked outside of the Logan Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia sits a parklet designed by three PhilaNOMA architects. The space is designed with "work, play, lounge" elements, including a stage with chalkboard floor and both casual and formal seating areas.  Designers hope to provide flexible outdoor space that can accommodate multiple uses by various people.

The project is part of MOTU's parklet pilot program inspired by the successful parklets that MOTU and University City District, with funding from the William Penn Foundation, collaborated on in West Philadelphia last summer.
Green Line Cafe

The University city parklets are in front of neighborhood businesses like the Green Line Coffee Shop, where the parklet has increased revenue by nearly 20 percent.

Green Line Cafe

The Logan project proves that these small projects can be placed in any neighborhood because Philadelphians from every neighborhood desire quality public spaces.  Logan CDC plans to incorporate the parklet into some of the library's programming and to host neighborhood events such as movie screenings, like last weeks showing of Hugo, which drew more than 40 people to the space.  As part of the pilot program, the parklet is designed to be seasonal, and will be stored indoors from late fall until early spring.

30th Street Porch

Future parklets will be popping up on Frankford Ave in front of Little Baby's Ice Cream, on Main Street in Manayunk, on South Street and, next year, in Chinatown.

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