Temple University Morgan Hall

Driving south on I-95 or along Broad Street you may have noticed a tower peaking out of an oasis of smaller homes and mid-rise buildings.  In case you were not informed, this new structure is a product of Temple University's expansion plans, a new residential complex called Mitchell and Hilarie Morgan Hall.

The 27-story tower is part of a large building complex which includes a shorter 10-story mid-rise building.  When complete in 2013 Morgan Hall will have more than 1,200 beds, many of them located in the tower offering unparalleled views of Philadelphia.  The tower features four-person suites, each with a full kitchen, shared living space and two bathrooms.

The 10 story mid-rise building will feature residences, and administrative space, and a separate facility with retail dining facilities.  Together, the buildings will add 660,000 gross square feet of building to the main campus physical plant.

The facility will offer additional jobs and economic opportunity to members of the North Philadelphia community.  As part of the larger Temple 20/20 framework for the Main Campus physical transformation, the complex makes good on the university's pledge to attract more students to live on campus while remaining within Temple's existing footprint.

In conjunction with the project, Temple also created 250 four-year scholarships to be awarded over 10 years to students in the North Philadelphia neighborhoods surrounding its main campus.  The program is boosting the amount of scholarships awarded to Philadelphia students by Temple to nearly $12 million annually.

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