The New Eastern Tower Community Center

New construction looms on the horizon for Chinatown North.  The Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp. plans to create a 23-story, multipurpose tower located at the northwest corner of 10th and Vine streets.  The first two floors of the building will include the recreational area and retail space.  The remainder of the tower will be used for residential units and offices featuring spectacular views of the city.

Zoning for the future structure is in place and approved, making it the largest building in Chinatown.  The goal of the PCDC is to start building next year with a two year construction timeline to follow.  They are currently in the process of selecting the perfect architect for the job.

The housing units will be rental apartments, each made affordable to accommodate low-income families.  Keeping in line with the main purpose of the community center, which is to unite the neighborhood, it will be accessible for residents who are young, old, rich and poor.  The center will consist of 15,000 square feet of office space, 12,000 square feet of retail space and 144 residential units.  There will also be a small garage capable of holding up to 46 cars.  Zipcar has agreed to provide the center with cars that will remain internal to the building.

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