Temple Area Neighborhood Improvement District Faces Challenges

A Neighborhood Improvement District was proposed by Councilman Darrell Clark's office for the area of North Philadelphia neighboring Temple University from Girard Avenue north to York Street, and from 15th Street west to 19th Street.  Clarks's office proposed the NID to combat the symptoms of the student-housing boom in the area.  An outright band on student housing was considered but questionable legality stopped those plans.  The District was proposed in response to increasing complaints from community residents about Temple-student housing in the neighborhood.

The NID would impose a tax increase on constituents, and the revenue from which would be put toward extra safety and cleaning services.  Ironically, the bill is supported by the people who are paying into it, the rental property owners, and opposed by the residents who would reap its benefits for free- owner occupants.  Owner-occupants whose homes will not be subject to the fee, don't have the opportunity to vote against the bill.  PlanPhilly reports that several longtime community residents testified at a hearing two weeks ago that they opposed the NID not because they don't want extra cleaning and safety services in their neighborhood, but because they are being left out of the process.

Because people don't fully understand what a NID is, this is why there is so much opposition.  Education and inclusion is key to making sure all affected residents feel respected and that they have value.  Click HERE for a definition and description of a Neighborhood Improvement District.  the City Council will be able to act on the bill after a 45-day period during which 51 percent of assessed property owners would have to vote against the NID in order to kill it,

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  1. No once cared about the neighborhood until the outside investors smelled a profit. After the defeat of a NID in Callowhill, Darrell Clarke decided to disenfranchise the residents of owner occupied property by not taxing them in order to deny them a opposition vote. Let the Temple Area Property Association prove that the majority of the residents want them to rule over their neighborhood!