Penn Park is Open for Business

What was once a desolate concrete wasteland along the lower west Schuylkill banks is now a lush oasis of cypress and sycamores, laced in winding paths and decked out with playing fields and meadows.  Penn Park is certainly a design that gets better with age, but the new make over is exceeds expectations from what it formally was.  i would say many are actually surprised it was completed is such a short time, or even went into construction phase, given the trends in large scale developments in Philadelphia, private or public.

The new urban park sits east of the Highline and stretches from Walnut Street to South Street, featuring a fabric of tightly interwoven recreation and athletic components.  Formal and informal play fields are framed and subdivided by patches of canopy trees extending the familiar landscape of the campus.

Penn Park combines elements of sports activity with the opportunity for relaxation and informal play.  Athletic venues include sprint turf fields, a softball stadium, tennis center, and enclosed season air structure.

Total Project cost: $46,500,000
Area: 24 Acres
Completion: September 2011
Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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