Temple University Building Greener

The university has recently completed construction of its LEED Gold Certified Temple I North 16th Street Project.  The project has rehabilitated 22 historic town homes totaling 58 units, implementing key sustainable measures allowing them to achieve Gold status.  A public ceremony will take place on June 14 to celebrate the end of construction and award a plaque for the LEED Gold Certification.  The units were developed by the 1260 Housing Development Corporation, a non-profit on a mission to provide high-quality, affordable housing to low-income individuals.

The sustainable design elements implemented include: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber, no volatile organic compound-emitting adhesive materials, high efficiency plumbing fixtures, recycled content building materials and Energy Star mechanical systems.  A white roof system is used to reduce the "heat island effect" cause by heat absorbing surfaces in urban areas.  During construction, all site work was conducted in a manner to minimize disturbance of any and all native vegetation and soil.  Also, a construction waste recycling program diverted 85 percent of the waste from landfills to recycling facilities.

Owner: Arch V Temple N. 16th St, LP
Developer: 1260 Housing Development Corporation
Architect: Kramer/ Marks Architects

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