Penn Medicine Office Tower at 8th and Walnut Streets

Liberty Property Trust plans to build a 12 story 153,000 square foot office building on top of an existing parking garage at 8th and Walnut Streets.  The building designed by Ballinger Architects, would be 260-feet tall and would be leased in its entirety to Pennsylvania Hospital, which is part of Penn Medicine.  The building would be called Liberty Property Tower and would be located west of the St. James Tower apartment building.  The tower would be significantly shorter than the 500-foot tall St. James.  St. James residents would see a vegetated roof, except in areas where mechanicals are contained.  One portion of the garage's ground floor retail space would be reconfigured to serve as a lobby for the office tower.  The architect has taken a modernist approach creating a sleek glass facade.  The north side glass will continue all the way to the ground floor so that from Walnut Street, it looks like one continuous tower, instead of a tower atop of a parking garage.

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